There are two rewards you have the opportunity to access by participating in the iTreAD Project. The first is in the iPad draw. We are giving away two iPads over the course of the project, the first within  the first 12 months of the project and the second in the second year of the project. You automatically get one entry into the iPad draw by completing the basic screener – even if you don’t go on to complete the iTreAD Project. If you chose to complete the additional screener questionnaires you are given additional entries in the draw. You can also earn additional entries in the draw by referring your friends to the project. We don’t ask you for your friends details but when you send them the link to our project or mention us to them tell them to put your name in the “how did you hear about us?” field when they complete the screener. If they do this then we will put an additional entry into the draw for each person who mentions your name.


The second reward on offer is the JB HiFi voucher. You get a $20 voucher after completing the initial baseline assessment for the project and then a further $20 voucher after completing each formal follow up assessment after that i.e., 26, 39,52 and 64 week follow up. This voucher is to reimburse you for the time you spend completing each assessment. You can read more about it in the Participant information statement . There is no voucher for completing the regular monthly online monitoring assessments as these form part of the treatment.